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Which underground Pakistani bands should you listen to?


If you’re tired of listening to the typical Pakistani songs that have all started sounding the same for you, maybe it’s time to get introduced to newly emerging underground bands or singers that are not yet as famous as they deserve to be. These bands or singers can be found either on YouTube, SoundCloud, or Facebook.

They include:

  • Poor Rich Boy (and the toothless winos)
  • Orangenoise
  • SikandarkaMandar
  • Red Blood Cat
  • Mooroo
  • Takatak
  • Ali Suhail
  • Shorbanoor
  • Basheer and the Pied Pipers
  • KeerayMakoray
  • Shajie
  • Jimmy Khan and the Big Ears
  • The Tamaashbeens and
  • Natasha Noorani.

So whenever you have time, listen to these local artists for a changed outlook on Pakistani musicians.

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