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What are the best online storage services?


With everything turning digital, we often find our phones alerting us about low storage space. You might have spent thousands on buying flash drives, memory cards or even a better phone with more memory but at some point or another, you’re forced to delete some of the hundreds of pictures you’ve taken of your nephew, or the embarrassing videos you’ve made of your friends. What if I told you there is a better alternative for this? Cloud storage! The best online storage services, or cloud storage services are:

  • Dropbox (Windows, OS X, android, iOS, Linux, Blackberry, Windows Phone)
  • Microsoft OneDrive (Windows, Windows Phone)
  • Google Drive (Windows, OS X, android, iOS, Windows Phone)
  • Mega (Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, android, Windows Phone, Blackberry)
  • pCloud (Windows, OS X, Linux, iOS, android)
  • Box (Windows, iOS, android, Blackberry)

Not only will these cloud storage services clear up space in your phone, you’ll also be able to access stored media any time you need to without having to change memory cards or dig out your old flash drive from the endless pit of debris that you store in your drawer.

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