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How Does a Student Apply for the DAAD Scholarship?

The DAAD scholarship is a brilliant opportunity to study free of cost in Germany for a range of subjects. The scholarship covers both living and tuition expenses, as well as travel costs and allows you to arrive a month earlier in Germany in order to acquaint yourself with the culture and language.

Each program covered by the DAAD scholarship universities in Germany has its own application deadlines. However, in order to qualify for the scholarship, you will have two rounds of interviews. During your interview, you will have to state the reason why you wish to study under this program, instead of another, and what impact your education will have upon your home country. Therefore, it is imperative of you to state that you have plans to return to your home country. It is also recommended that you enroll in a short German language course that meets the ‘DSH’ German requirements, such as a language course from the National University of Modern Languages. This is because many of the courses covered under the DAAD require some form of German language proficiency.

Aside from the above, you will be required to write an essay stating why you wish to pursue your chosen degree and what sets your academic and career goals apart from the rest. You will also be requiring recommendations from at least two of your teachers. There is no application fee, and deadlines usually end by 15th July.

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