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How to Proceed After Attaining a UK Student Visa?

Most students are not aware of the fact that they have to carry their documents with them to UK, in order to secure ‘Entry Clearance’. This is issued to students who carry an original transcript from their previous educational institute with them, a printout of the email confirming issuance of their CAS and confirmation of their on-campus accommodation. If you will be living off-campus, an agreement with the house owner or arrangements to stay at a local Bed and Breakfast or hotel need to be shown. Other required documents include your CNIC, passport, bank statements of your sponsor who is funding your education and a letter of consent from this sponsor, allowing you to use their funds for the stated purpose.

After your arrival in the UK, you will be required to collect a Biometric Residency Permit from the local post office of your stated address. This permit has to be collected within 10 days of your arrival in the UK, otherwise you will be deported. Also, make sure to check whether your visa is a ‘policing’ or ‘non-policing’, as this determines whether or not you have to register with the local police office or not.

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