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What Is The Procedure for Shortlisted Fulbright Candidates?

This is an important question because very little official information is available with regards to those who receive the interview call for the Fulbright. Firstly, interview calls start at the mid of August and continue till the second week of September. These calls are made on a random basis, hence do not panic if your friend receives a call and you do not. Secondly, register immediately for your TOEFL once you receive the interview call. Bring your TOEFL registration slip (usually a print out of your payment confirmation) with you at the interview, as this is compulsory

The interview panel will consist of 2 Pakistanis, who have previously been selected for the Fulbright, and 2 Americans. The interview lasts from 15-30 minutes and involves questions from your CV, your Personal Statement and your Statement of Objectives. Be prepared to defend why you chose this scholarship, why you wish to study in America instead of in your home country, why you chose particular courses during your undergrad degree, what you will share with the American people once you go etc. Remember to present a positive opinion about Pakistan and its culture, because they want to choose a candidate who will portray a positive image of Pakistan upon his/her arrival in America.


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