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. How does one apply for the Erasmus Program?

A brilliant scholarship opportunity that allows Pakistanis to study for free in Europe is the Erasmus Mundus program, which provides both tuition and maintenance funds for students. As of 2014, this scholarship scheme is now known as the ‘Action 1’ program and allows students to pursue social sciences, engineering, agriculture, politics and economics related postgraduate degrees.

The program works according to a three semester program, whereby the first semester is spent in a participating European university, such as Utrecht in Holland. The next semester is spent in a participating British university, such as, The University of Hull, and the third semester is spent back in the European university. Another efficient feature of this program is that it allows students to select up to three different programs and be selected for either. One of their popular programs is the ‘GEMMA’ program, focusing on women and gender studies and the ‘GLOBED’ degree, which focuses on educational policies for global development.

Deadlines range from November-February, prior to the year in which you wish to commence your studies. Each degree has its own deadline and specifications, so refer to the link below in order to determine what particular program you want to apply for.

Further details about the Action 1 Plan can be found on this link:

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