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How can you train your cat to stop scratching furniture?


If you own a cat, you probably catch your cat scratching your couches, doors, tables or chairs. It takes a lot of patience and tolerance to train cats, especially if they’re adults.

First, purchase a scratch post and place it near your cat’s favourite place to scratch. Whenever you catch it clawing out your furniture, simply pick it up and place it on the scratch post. Place your cat’s toys near the post to attract it and repeat this several times a day to get it accustomed to using that instead of the furniture.

Not only will this save your furniture from further damage, your cat will have a better alternative to sharpen its claws. If your cat continues to destroy your sofas, use a firm voice to communicate that its behaviour is not acceptable. However, no matter what                                                                                                                   happens, do not spray water on your cat or use physical punishment as it will only make the situation worse.

Furthermore, do not get your cat declawed. Instead, regularly trim its nails and distract it using its favourite toy whenever it tries to scratch your furniture.

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