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Where Can Girls Buy Cool Jeans From?

Finding a good pair of jeans in Pakistan is a genuine struggle for girls, because often they are of poor quality, full of rhinestones or cheap embroidery, or not made from good fabric. This is why we recommend heading to Mango, Levis, INC International, Splash, ENEM or Khaadi to find yourself a good pair of jeans. INC International now stocks Zara clothes in their stores, so you can find good jeans, jeggings etc. from there too. Splash is a good cheap option, as they have a lot of variety, all of which is under 2500 rupees mostly. Mango is a more expensive option, yet their boot cut jeans are extremely nice.

Another great place is Zainab Market in Karachi, where you can often land yourself at pair of designer jeans that have a slight defect in them. This defect is mostly unnoticeable for the common eye, such as mismatched stitching in one part of the jeans. However, the prices are downright cheap and the quality is better than any in Pakistan’s shopping centers. Just make sure to have a keen eye because often you can be sold a counterfeit version of your favourite brand.

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