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What are the best salons for bridal makeup in Islamabad?

Islamabad tends to be limited in choice as far as bridal salons are concerned, in comparison to Lahore and Karachi. Whilst we may not boast the 100-watt glow given to Natasha’s Salon brides or Mariam Khawaja’s artistry in Lahore, we do have quite a few hidden gems in Islamabad too.

1. Hermaine’s Salon – Run by Hermaine Khan, who has been trained in Los Angeles and has her salon situated in E-11. She charges Rs. 7000 for party makeup, Rs. 25000 for engagement makeup and Rs. 35000 for bridal makeup. Her charges are economical and you can opt to have your foundation applied via the Temptu airbrush machine for a flawless finish. She is also known for superb balayage and ombre hair dyes and haircuts.

2. Sadaf Farhan – This maestro is situated in F-11 and churns out stunning brides, also at economic rates. Her niche is bridal makeup, and if you’re going for a traditional look, you should seriously consider her.

3. Jugnu Wasim – Jugnu has been around in the makeup business for many years, and only recently launched his own salon. It is situated in E-11 and he is considered one of the best in the market.

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